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About C & M Bookkeeping

We help our small business partners stay profitable by providing professional bookkeeping, payroll provisioning, and business support services. Our accounting services give owners an affordable alternative to hiring in-house staff to perform the accounting functions and allow them more time to focus on running their operations.

We are professional bookkeepers who take pride in going the extra mile for our business allies by offering flexible hours to meet, complete bookkeeping services with accuracy and integrity as job number one, efficient payroll provisioning for small employers, and most of all, good value to small business owners.

We meet with our business associates at least once a month, more frequent if necessary, provide monthly balance sheet and income statement reports, and discuss any important financial information that these reports highlight. Awareness of the income and expense numbers generated by the business operations are critical for managers to keep track of for effective decision making and we are diligent in providing this knowledge.

Our Services

Professional Bookkeeping

We sort and organize your financial records with the utmost care and enter the data into the correct accounts, reconcile all accounts, and make sure the books are balanced. Cash register tapes, merchant accounts, sales tax calculations, vendor receipts, inventory accounts, accounts payables, accounts name it, we account for it to keep your books up to date and balanced.

Payroll Provisioning

We setup your employee payroll journal and subsidiary ledger, collect the weekly or biweekly employee hours, calculate payroll tax liabilities, and print the payroll checks. We can setup your Federal tax payment account and file the electronic payments on your behalf. We can setup child support orders and garnishments into the payroll systems. We help you keep current on your payroll obligations with the state and federal government.

Business Support

We can help you with filling out forms, sales tax support, workers compensation insurance audit support, and other general administrative tasks.

Our Pricing

We use a flexible billing model to fit your budget and desired level of support. We offer different levels of accounting services to fit your current business expectations. We offer a free initial consultation and evaluation of service levels tailored to your business.

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